Beamer Theme Cuerna

LaTeX Beamer is a package designed to make it easier to create slides with a lot of mathematical formulas. It can be customized using themes and color themes, many of these are shipped with the default LaTeX distribution and can be combined. The main problem is that they look more or less the same.

The beamer theme Cuerna is a customized theme created by me to diversify the options when it comes to making a beamer presentation visually pleasing. It looks like this:


The simplest way to use it is from a template on an online editor like ShareLaTeX or Overleaf. You can also browse the source code on Github or download it with your LaTeX distribution package manager from CTAN.

It works just like any other Beamer theme, the code below is the one that rendered the slides shown in the above picture:



\title{A rather long title without specific meaning}
\author{Geri Ochoa\\

\date{Important Congress 2016}
\institute{Institute of Mathematics, Great University}



    \frametitle{Title of the slide}
    Some text on top of this slide
    \int_{0}^{\infty} \frac{5x^2}{\sqrt{a+b}}\, dx
    \item[\checkmark] Fist item in the list
    \item Second item
    \item Another item
    \item And finally, the last item


The two relevant lines here are:

  • \usteheme{Cuerna} which tells LaTeX to use this theme, and

  • \usecolortheme{default} which sets the color palette to use.

Other available color themes are: