Fix Tinkerer error with latest Sphinx version

This a superquick entry that focuses on a simple problem. I use Tinkerer, a blogging platform, to create this website. Trying to generate the HTML output, the following error popped up:

Extension error:
Config value 'author' already present

And it seems others using Sphinx-related packages are having similar problems too. This entry explains how I solved it, it is a simple trick.

To fix that error we need to modify one of the files. After installing tinkerer locate the file I use Anaconda, and the environment where I build this site is called tinkerer. Having this in mind, the full path from my anaconda3 folder is


Locate the following line:

app.add_config_vale("author", "Winston Smith", True)

Comment it out. That’s it, this will fix that annoying problem.

As a bonus fact, I use a dark-colorized theme for pygments to highlight the code blocks. You can install it easily with:

pip install pygments-style-solarized